Toffee apples for grownups!

Although the weather is wet and miserable there is plenty to get excited about in the kitchen, and for me this week at the top of that list is Apples!

As a nation we have over 1200 native varieties, ranging from inedible cider apples through to well known classics such as the Bramley and the Cox.

Sadly only a fraction of these apples will ever be available to you in the supermarkets, (with the aforementioned Cox and Bramley probably being the only available British apples most of the time) which I think is a real shame as there are so many amazing apples out there that will only be grown in small amounts and many that will not ever be available to buy…unless you happen to know someone with a tree in their garden and are lucky enough to be on friendly terms so you can pick to your hearts desire! Continue reading

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Red Hen Cookery Blog!

After a short absence we’re back and this time here to stay, keeping you informed with what’s cooking at the cookery school and general foodie goings on.

First things first, an introduction, I’m Richard, the newest member of the Cookery School team, responsible for all things food – from the cookery courses to this blog. If any of you have attended a course recently you may have met me, for those that haven’t I hope to meet you all soon! Continue reading

We’re nearly there!

It feels like ages since I wrote the first blog post – in fact looking back it is ages!

It has been an eventful time here at the cookery school with the place buzzing with activity. The teaching kitchen, corridors, store rooms and toilets are now about 2.5 weeks off completion and the commercial kitchen and office are about 4 weeks away from completion. Everytime I visit, which is normally everyday, lots of progress seems to have been made – always gets me really excited as visually it all starts to come together 🙂

Next week we start the painting so I have been deliberating over colours and whether or not to use the red/orange off of the red hen from our logo…to keep our options open we’ve had the colour mixed and it’ll be tried on one of the walls tomorrow, otherwise it’ll all be white! Continue reading

New Cookery School Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome to our first blog post on our fantastic new website!

Well the pressure is on to get our new cookery school finished in time as our earliest booking has now been confirmed, so as I write this we have 6 weeks and 4 days before our first event is held in the teaching kitchen.

This week we are hoping to finalise our timetable for cookery courses starting in June through to August, so you should be able to book these online or by telephone. Bear with us on this as we’re new to all the technology so it’s taking us a while to get our heads around the online booking system! Continue reading