The Un-dead Bread!

It’s Hallowe’en and as scary as the costumes and carved pumpkins are, there is something I find truly horrible that makes me shiver with terror.

‘What’s that?!’ I hear you ask…

I’m talking of the horrible undying bread!

With its Frankenstein inspired ingredients list of scary sounding chemicals, and its ability to never go stale and remain soft, limp even, for weeks on end, not to mention its soul less lack of taste and texture, it truly is the living dead of the baked goods world. Continue reading

Toffee apples for grownups!

Although the weather is wet and miserable there is plenty to get excited about in the kitchen, and for me this week at the top of that list is Apples!

As a nation we have over 1200 native varieties, ranging from inedible cider apples through to well known classics such as the Bramley and the Cox.

Sadly only a fraction of these apples will ever be available to you in the supermarkets, (with the aforementioned Cox and Bramley probably being the only available British apples most of the time) which I think is a real shame as there are so many amazing apples out there that will only be grown in small amounts and many that will not ever be available to buy…unless you happen to know someone with a tree in their garden and are lucky enough to be on friendly terms so you can pick to your hearts desire! Continue reading

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Red Hen Cookery Blog!

After a short absence we’re back and this time here to stay, keeping you informed with what’s cooking at the cookery school and general foodie goings on.

First things first, an introduction, I’m Richard, the newest member of the Cookery School team, responsible for all things food – from the cookery courses to this blog. If any of you have attended a course recently you may have met me, for those that haven’t I hope to meet you all soon! Continue reading